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# by HuoMaKe on 04/01/07 at 20:19:15

But it is not yet approved. Sorry :(

# by HuoMaKe on 04/01/07 at 20:18:52

I put up a new script derived from this, want to thank the developer for the code and point you all to it, it's called Show Status.

# by HuoMaKe on 04/01/07 at 01:27:28

I posted an Xtra based off of this called RandomBashQuote, it takes quotes from (after I put them in the code) and disblays them on command. Find it here:

Anyone willing to spend some time finding and formatting quotes would be much appreciated :) download the code and the format is essentially the same as /brb. Be sure to comment on the RBQ page with your code!

# by HuoMaKe on 03/31/07 at 13:01:29

We'll see, I'd like to get the amount of quotes up, then talk about char limits. I'll check out your version and see what it's like, maybe I could learn something from the source :)

Especially since some of my variables are still from the original script of / "theGreeting" and stuff!

# by HuoMaKe on 03/30/07 at 21:03:46

I'm watching for really good new quotes, but they don't let a lot through anymore :(

I'm more interested in getting a lot of them in, 'cause it gets old after a few days of using it, and we don't want that!

As for the amounts of text, I don't think there's any way around that except deleting the quote (and the Business Reply Mail one is one of my favorites).