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# by Sovok on 01/29/08 at 18:19:38

Yeah, Google changed their translation page a bit. Should work again with 2.1.1

# by Sovok on 10/02/07 at 05:57:26

Seems to work for me. Maybe one of the translation servers crashed.
If it still doesn't work: what languages do you use?

# by Sovok on 06/05/07 at 09:45:11

"from_lang" stands for the whole language.
So use:

%_trshow{en, fr, best job}
%_trshow{en, fr, job}

# by Sovok on 05/25/07 at 12:09:44

de nederlandse werken nu, hebben pret :)

# by Sovok on 05/12/07 at 15:55:25

Should be fixed now with v1.1, thx for the info.