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# by dcox on 05/29/09 at 15:25:16

I guess I am one of the odd ones that would really like to use the custom icons that I have set for people with this style. I have all of my work contacts with images in my address book, and I have sort of just been waiting to use them in an IRC client. Colloquy does not support custom icons, so that has been a bust, and I was all pumped when Adium 1.4 started supporting IRC. I can certainly see why the use of large public IRC rooms would not work user icons (other than to make those you know in the room really pop out by having custom icons), but for self run IRC rooms, the custom icons work great. Maybe if others see this need as well, you would think about making it an optional style? As Adium 1.4 allows for a different message style for "Group Chats" vs "Regular Chats", the check box for using user icons might be more useful now than it was before.

# by dcox on 05/22/09 at 15:46:22

I was wondering if the user icons could be made to work with the group chat. I am testing the beta 1.4 of Adium, and now that it supports IRC, I think this message style is a great match. I have seen some other styles that are able to use the user icon in the group chats in 1.4, so if the limitation was with Adium, it may be fixed now.

As a possibly 'easier' alternative to making a version that puts the icons on different sides of the post (though I do want that), would it be possible to make "my paper" look different than other people's? A slight creme color or a choice of colors/bonds/textures might be useful to some.

At any rate, thanks for the great style.

# by dcox on 07/17/07 at 22:55:43

I (the author) forgot to note that all haikus are welcome. If you want to dust off your 5-7-5 skills, just add them as a comment here, and I will add them to the next version. Sign them, and your fame will be assured (just give me the name you want as a sig line)....