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# by Aqueous on 02/27/09 at 16:47:04

If you download the message style package it will have a Read Me file in there that gives you step by step instructions.

# by Aqueous on 02/27/09 at 11:28:54

They don't exist. If I had the transparent PNG files I wouldn't have to do that crazy work around to get the different bubble colors. I just took all the pieces of the bubble into one photoshop file with about a pixel between them all and then used color selection to manipulate the color. As you can see, there was very little play with the colors. It's not perfect but it's better than nothing ya know?

I could have used iChat's transparent bubble, but those are different than the iPhones. If you can get your hands on them I'd love to know, then there would be an infinite many bubble colors. :)

# by Aqueous on 12/15/08 at 11:27:40

What do you mean by algorithm? I'm guessing you mean what time settings they have? Also, by fixed time, do you mean how the message style lays the time out like the iPhone's?

# by Aqueous on 12/14/08 at 23:34:27

Wow! That was really quick. Don't screw up your finals by working on this, because that would really suck and it's not worth all that. I do appreciate it none the less. Ok, so the timestamp prints every three minutes in each chat, but what do you per chat session? If the user signs off, and then won't work again? What kind of limit are we talking about.. 5, 10, 99?

# by Aqueous on 12/14/08 at 14:27:21

Ok. Thanks. Let me know what you come up with. Also, do you know how to embed images in CSS files?