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# by brendino on 06/03/07 at 12:11:35

Really, really great icons.

# by brendino on 04/30/07 at 17:15:18

Kind of boring...

# by brendino on 02/12/07 at 17:25:03

Yes, I know, but I'm saying that I would like to have seen something original. But other than that, it's very nice.

# by brendino on 02/11/07 at 17:11:51

Very pretty. I wouldn't put them on anything but a white background though. I also noticed that you didn't make your own icons for writing, new message, etc...

# by brendino on 02/11/07 at 16:58:30

Nice colors and font. Although the font didn't work on my computer, I found it was nice with about 80% transparency with the list layout Large (comes with Adium) only with the fonts changed to Optima.