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Sound Sets

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Chappelle's Show Uncensored (19 Comments)
This is a hilarious sound set based on all the many characters from the Dave Chappelle Show. Fans of the series will love this sound set. However, the send and receive message events might get old pretty quick. But it's fun to use for a...
MetalHaze 447.96kb
14207 total
3.0 / 295 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
Intelligence (3 Comments)
A small yet clean soundpack, these sounds are taken from ICQ and feature softly spoken notifications of file transfers, new messages and contacts signing on.
dcentity2000 42.24kb
3966 total
3.0 / 32 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
LSTSB (1 Comments)
Some lines out of Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. ("It's a steal.")
Felix 784.45kb
1981 total
3.0 / 66 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
Horns (3 Comments)
Awooga! Various vehicle horns: car, truck, foghorn... The problem described below is fixed!
kat 78.93kb
1938 total
3.0 / 91 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
Mixed Soundset (0 Comments)
A soundset i made with sound i found here !
DJ_FoX_MaC_ClouD 430.39kb
1998 total
3.0 / 58 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
Matrix for Adium (4 Comments)
"Some of my iChat logs you will understand, and some of them you will not. Concordantly, while your first video chat request may be the most pertinent, you may or may not realize it is also the most irrelevant." A conversion of...
factoryjoe 1.33mb
7806 total
3.0 / 110 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
Earthbound2 (1 Comments)
I took the cool sound set already posted for Earthbound and cleaned up the sound files, reduced their volume to be quieter, and changed some defaults. To me, it's a lot easier on the ears.
GuardianAtomos 576.83kb
2204 total
3.0 / 55 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
Planetarium sounds (5 Comments)
Planetarium sounds was created with Garage Band, using the planetarium instrument choice. all of the sounds, except for error, are basically just a bunch of arpeggio-like scales where the notes are on regular intervals of half steps....
ipi37 447.87kb
3239 total
3.0 / 59 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
Macintosh (8 Comments)
A collection of classic Mac sounds (thanks to Mactracker)
gyre 410.97kb
18336 total
3.0 / 163 votes
(Ranking: 0.00)
Little Britain (5 Comments)
It is my first Soundset and it is based on the british TV-show Little Britain. I love the show. The idea came from my big brother, he thought it would be funny hearing all those funny sounds, like that "Eheheh" from Anne or the "Yeah,I...
Reglay 115.08kb
1028 total
2.9 / 7 votes
(Ranking: -0.08)
Firefly (3 Comments)
A shiney soundset I've been using for a good long while. Actual soundbites from the pilot and last episode of our tv show, featuring quotes from 6 of the BDHs as well as Early. It's actual spoken lines so they might get a bit...
RDeis 136.59kb
2647 total
2.9 / 8 votes
(Ranking: -0.09)
Yet another Doctor Who Sound Set (this one's good, though, I swear) (0 Comments)
I went scouring through the web to compile what (in my opinion) is a pretty good (and usable) Sound Set based on Doctor Who. Included sounds: Authorization Requested Initial Message Received All File Transfer events Notification...
HayatoJin 494.03kb
697 total
2.9 / 10 votes
(Ranking: -0.10)
Aquatech (3 Comments)
I searched the Xtras, and couldn't find this lovely Soundset anywhere , so here it is. Pulled straight from Trac .
CipherSwarm 68.82kb
1465 total
2.9 / 15 votes
(Ranking: -0.12)
Beyond Good & Evil (5 Comments)
I made my first soundset of my favorite game Beyond Good & Evil. I hope people will like this so far. I'm planning to update this with different sounds and such in the future; still trying to get more sounds I like from the game....
Sypherod 2.22mb
1440 total
2.9 / 15 votes
(Ranking: -0.12)
Hotline Sound Set (1 Comments)
A sound set from the old network Hotline that I suppose a lot of old Mac users remember and used to love. Just found the files on the said network and repacked them. If you are an active Hotline user and have an iPhone with iOS...
vladkorotnev 595.87kb
122 total
2.8 / 4 votes
(Ranking: -0.12)
Blue Man Group Sound Set (1 Comments)
A unqie theme set for those who are interested in Blue Man Group, includes sounds from the instruments and shows. The new IM sound is a placeholder, I am currently looking into other sounds for it.
the_mole1314 604.4kb
2119 total
2.9 / 19 votes
(Ranking: -0.13)
Zerg (7 Comments)
This is a soundset with Starcraft's Zerg sounds. Please comment!
enkuturi-akrias 1.36mb
2387 total
2.9 / 20 votes
(Ranking: -0.13)
Stay Cool (2 Comments)
This is a different sound set. It melodic, pleasant & cool. Lean back, relax and enjoy something out of the ordinary. Any comments are more than welcome.
Frederik- 333.37kb
8426 total
2.9 / 24 votes
(Ranking: -0.14)
Kawai-Floyd (2 Comments)
I fell in love with Kenji Kawais fantastic soudtrack for Ghost in the Shell. Especially Making of a Cyborg is beautiful. So i decided to use bits and pieces of songs from Kawai, joined by the pauks from 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' and...
Spookster 326.41kb
1312 total
2.8 / 5 votes
(Ranking: -0.14)
Crystal (2 Comments)
First Try. A set of clear and calm sounds for IM.
2e1hsb 291.05kb
1571 total
2.5 / 2 votes
(Ranking: -0.15)
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